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47 Meters Down Full Movie Story And Review

47 Meters Down Movie

The Much Awaited Movie 47 Meters Down has recently arrived in Cinemas to mark a journey in the film industry. But, before that we would like to give the brief storyline as well as expert’s review about the movie. Here’s The Movie Storyline and Review:

Johannes Roberts Directed Movie’s trailer itself showcased the predicted story to the audience. It showed the somewhat similarities with The Shallows Movie, which was based on the Sharks, the greatest predator.

STORYLINE: The Mandy Moore and Claire Holt starrer movie depicts an interesting storyline, in which Sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) broke up with her boyfriend, after which Kate (Claire Holt) and Lisa went on vacation in Mexico. While out celebrating, they met Local guys who persuaded the two to accompany them on a journey where they could move into a shark confine and be brought down into the water so as to get a nearby look of the immense white sharks swimming in the waters.

After no little measure of hesitation, Lisa agreed to do it however developed progressively anxious when they got to the dock and find that the vessel was ramshackle, the confine was significantly more so and the chief was none other than Matthew Modine. In any case, Kate persuaded her into going down and soon they were being brought down into the deep water.

All was well for a bit—the sea life was lovely and two or three sharks appeared on plan, however their life went into risk, when the winch broke down and they were drowned 47 meters into the deep water. Their condition got worsened when their oxygen tanks were left with little amount of oxygen and there were no radio signals through which they could not contact anyone on the surface. This movie showed an extraordinary story of how those girls managed to go to the surface without being the food of the white sharks.

DIRECTION: This movie is directed by the one of the popular directors Johannes Roberts, who was know for the movie The Other Side Of The Door . His direction moves the movie to upper extent of appreciation.

CAST: The Movie’s cast was not too good, rather more efforts could be made to improve the casting of the movie. Moreover, only Mandy Moore and Claire Holt were in the focus of camera, but remaining were out of focus.

SCREENPLAY: The extraordinary Screenplay of the movie distinguishes this movie from The Shallows and other movies. Moreover, the screenplay is so good that the sharks seems to be real, unlike unrealistic sharks in The Shallows movie.

OVERALL REVIEW: This movie provides tension, scary moments and it make one hold his breath! It provides a great, great atmosphere and surely enough, most of people will enjoy it because of his extraordinary direction and screenplay. Moreover, the twisted end will make audience shocked. So, we will give this movie 4 stars out of 5 stars.

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