Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review of The Mummy 2017 Movie - Failed to Impress Audiences

Much awaited 2017 American action, adventure, and fantasy movie "The Mummy" is out now and gaining popularity among audiences. This top the list of IMDB "Most Popular Movies" with the highest rating. Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and Annabelle Wallis are in lead roles, but this time Tom Cruise's magic doesn't work. This is "The Mummy franchise" film with strong star cast and crew is neither an action nor adventure film.

Tom Cruise, a legend of Hollywood industry is playing as Nick Morton fights against an ancient princess who turned out a Mummy. Tom Crusie did justice with his character.

Sofia Boutella, the gorgeous lady is playing "Mummy". In an interview she said, it was a nightmare to shoot few scenes of the movie.It was hard to kill your loved ones. Wrap our body in bandages and the only thing one can see, are scary wide eyes popping through holes.
Annabelle Wallis, 32 years heroine stars as Jenny Halsey says her character represents the real world women. She was asked about her love life during an event of The Mummy but she keeps her love life secret.
 Annabelle Wallis
Trailer of this movie was not good. Wonder Woman defeated The Mummy in the race of Box offices collections and popularity.

The Mummy movie failed to impress audiences and this is nothing more than a scrap. If you want to Watch and Download The Mummy 2017 Movie Online then visit movies4star. For me, this is not a worth watching it but maybe you like it. 

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  1. Well, Tom Cruise is my favorite but The Mummy movie is not of my type