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The series exists to show huge and dreadful robots hammering one another. So it does.Transformers takes a little time to really build up, with the necessary character-establishing scenes of the humans and different super cars.

The Transformer Series, the most popular series did not go well with the story this time. Michael Bay’s Movie’s trailer got very much popularity, After all, the franchise was then a decade old, and dropped after some time for the first first time in Franchise’s history and Of course, Film Industry’s History.
Though, a little bit was expected from that movies by the critics, focusing on their extraordinary goodwill, but all was in vain after the story being out.

The appeal of watching indistinguishable robots punch each other interminably wore off about three and a half films ago, so it makes sense for the series to wrap itself up before the wheels come off completely.

Is Transformer’s Fifth Generation really a serious movie?
Story: Following the events of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, humanity is under attack from the evil Decepticons. Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) tries to lead a seemingly hopeless resistance with the help of a tech-savvy girl named Izabella (Isabela Moner). Meanwhile Optimus Prime, the "good guy" Autobot and Earth's last hope, is off on a distant planet. The Transformers franchise is known for its explosion-filled CGI battle scenes, as well as some objectification of women, so expect more of the same this time. And while even very little kids love the toys the movies are based on, this movie, like its prequels, will likely be best for teens and up.

This certainly looks final, doesn’t it? I mean, blood dripping from a crucifix isn’t the sort of imagery you can just drop midway into a franchise that’s historically been largely about urinating robots and girls in tight shorts. No, this feels serious. This feels like the end of something.
It is one of the most loved franchises and people just  watched it being butchered for over two and a half hours.

Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 Full Movie is a disaster. The people were thrilled to get the chance to see it before most of the world but ended up being thoroughly disappointed. The movie is 165 minutes of incoherent nonsense and if you thought that's what the previous movies were, well, you might start appreciating them after seeing this.
What people will love about the Transformers movies, was watching the robots transform and fight. The previous movies had memorable moments. Each time one would imagine that the film was attempting to make individuals giggle, check out the whole silver screen and see individuals gazing at the screen, not chuckling.
However, Graphics are awesome.

The primary hour was plot driven and passable to watch, yet second half is unpleasant and unbearable. Who cherishes the robots and illustrations and is the gigantic devotee of Transformers arrangement establishment, at that point he could watch this motion picture.

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