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Tubelight Full HD Movie Download, Review, Storyline

TUBELIGHT MOVIE - Proves To Be Fused Tubelight

The much awaited Salman Khan starrer movie Tubelight is out and ready to mark the journey in the film industry. Here, our team will tell the storyline and expert’s review about the movie.

Kabir Khan directed movie’s trailer made an extraordinary bounce, when it was out as it got much popularity on social media and it was well appreciated by the critics as well as users. But all in vain after it’s release on EID festival as it disappointed all.

STORYLINE: Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan), a dumb and slow witted person grown up in a small town called Jagatpur in Kumaon under the able protection of his younger brother Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan). While his schoolmates make the fun of salman khan, calling him Tubelight, but his caring brother Bharat was always there for him and make other’s mouth shut.
Everything was going fine till all of a sudden a war breaks out – The Sino-Indian war of 1962. Bharat and different adolescents from the town joined the Indian armed force and went to the front to battle. Laxman likewise tried to join the Indian Army but did not qualify the physical test and subsequently he remained back at home. This allows Laxman to sit alone, who was tensed and powerless.
An Indian lady of Chinese origin Lee Ling (Zhu) arrived from Calcutta to stay there with her little child Guwo (Matin Ray Tangu). While Laxman used to hate them at start, he was compelled to obey Gandhian guideline of becoming a close friend with whom you consider your enemy, on the guidance of Banne Chacha (Late Om Puri). That was the means by which Lee and Guwo became friends with Laxman over a place where others had been generally unkind in their approach towards him or basically overlook his jokes.

Laxman keeps asking the army chief posted there, Major Rajveer Tokas (Yashpal Sharma) when will his brother return from war to which he cannot offer a suitable reply. While others fear Bharat is dead by now, Laxman’s yakeen (faith) keeps him going. Banne Chacha tells him that faith can even move mountains, which Laxman takes very literally and tries to do that. At the same time, he keeps believing that his brother, who has been captured by the Chinese army, will return from the front and declares that he will get Bharat back with his ‘yakeen’.

Laxman used to ask the Indian army Chief, Major Rajveer Tokas (Yashpal Sharma), frequently when will his sibling come back from war to which he couldn't offer an appropriate answer. While others feared Bharat was dead at that point, Laxman's yakeen (confidence) prompted him to wait. Banne Chacha  sometime disclosed to him that confidence could even move mountains, which Laxman took serious and often tried to move mountains. In the meantime, he continued trusting that his sibling, who had been caught by the Chinese armed force, would came back from the front and announce that he would get Bharat back with his 'yakeen'.
In Meantime, the chinese origin mother and child became the target of the villagers, stating that they, looking like Chinese are responsible for war. The movie revolves around racism and discrimination.


DIRECTION: Kabir Khan’s movie, whose earlier movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan made the audience cry, is not even able to touch the chord! He tried to make the audience cry, but it did not work as he tried to extend the movie like an elastic. With this, according to experts, Direction was not up to the mark.

STORY: Now coming to the story, The story is enormously motivated by American war-show film Little Boy with minor changes all over and the creators give due credit to that american plot.

Tubelight movie tries to give a message about racism and widespread discrimination against north-easterners, called ‘chinkies’, and other humiliating names. The Message is perfect, but not the messenger. With this, the three khans (Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Kabir Khan) failed to touch the hearts with their message.
Moreover, the story and screenplay could be more better as this plot;s ending was usual and kept many questions unanswered like the role of Chacha (Om Puri).

PERFORMANCE: The chemistry between the chinese little boy and Salman khan and Salman khan and Sohail Khan was extremely natural and extraordinary. Moreover, the performance of Om Puri and Yashpal Sharma was very nice and appreciable. However, there were many unnecessary roles in the movie, which were not carrying any significance.

According to experts, the Movie proofs to be Fused Tubelight, Which failed to flicker in audience’s mind. One could watch movie only because of Stardom of Salman Khan and the brilliant performance and chemistry between other co-actors. We give this movie 2 stars out of 5 stars.

One Could watch this movie here.

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